MOBIL - A home on wheels

Year: 1999, rebuilt 2008
Brand: DIY (Ex-Peugeot)
Classification: Special car, camper
Mileage (km): approx. 300.000
Drinking water: 100-liter-tank
Cooker operat.: by butane gas
WLAN/Wifi: 70m reach, 4 MBit/s

The MOBIL contains a bed, cupboard, toilet, sink, dvb-t monitor, laptop connection, flower shelf, UMTS-Wifi, gas stove, cat litter box and a skylight for a view to the stars at night.

It's to be used universally as an electrical work- shop, as a field kitchen or as a cozy living room.

The exterior of the MOBIL looks rather unim- pressive. This is done by my want and in some countries an important safety feature as well.

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